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Cali The Camper Van

Cali, our gorgeous VW camper van was built in Germany on the 26th of January 1969 and was exported to San Francisco and spent much of her life in Arnheim, (home of Disneyworld) and the famous Huntington Beach area of  LA.

Here is our journey so far...  

After over 50 years of being on the road, we bought Cali in Birmingham in July 2021 and started off by stripping out the tired but original Westfalia interior as it  wasn't the right layout for our plans, as we wanted to install a full width bed/seat.

We then sent her off for a full professional restoration and after a few months of major surgery, she emerged with all of the bumps and scratches removed and ready for the next chapter in her working life.


We then installed a new wooden floor, created a new cab headliner and installed a brand new interior which gives our photobooth guests the maximum amount of space, but still allows us to take her camping.

We have also taken advantage of this layout to build a bespoke rustic racking system for when she is being used as a mobile bar, which is unique and we think works brilliantly!

We are very proud of our Cali - and we re-invest the money from events to keep her in fabulous condition and we are sure you (and your guests) will also fall in love when she arrives at your wedding or event.

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